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Tyquan Music has been pumping through the veins of Tyquan aka Young Will for many years. A native of Chicago, IL, now residing in California, Tyquan started his musical journey at his grandmothers' church at the age of 7. Tyquan aka Young Will was introduced to the piano at the early age of thirteen. After mastering the art of the piano, he then took on the guitar and the drums. As Tyquan continued his music journey, life and death became the harsh reality for the young star. As we all can attest, change is one of the most difficult things to embrace in life; change implies a loss of the usual, normal, comfortable, and the expected.

Change is uncertain and at times even frightening; however, for Tyquan aka Young Will, change is and has always been growth, and it's a natural, ultimately inevitable and a redemptive necessity. Tyquan underwent major kidney failure. Ultimately, having lead to a kidney transplant from his older brother Andrew. Tyquan aka Young Will has said, he has to also thank, Randy Moss and sister Chearl and Barry Hankerson (the owner and artist manager of Blackground Records). Hankerson has also given light to top producers and artists such as R.kelly and TImberland.

Tyquan went to meet Hankerson at his house and it was there that Hankerson told him, "Don't let anyone hold you back". Although, this setback took a major toll on the young artist's body, it however did not corrupt his musical spirit. Due to his love and joy of music, today Tyquan has re-emerged to fulfill his dream and destiny. In more recent years, Tyquan has established himself as one of the most creative musicians of his generation. He has proven himself as a conqueror and a survivor the talented producer, arranger, and songwriter who released "Stay", a soulful ballad in 1997, under RepoRecords an Inde record company.

Tyquan aka Young Will sold 150,000 copy's out of the streets of Oakland, CA. Tyquan has overcome, only to evolve into a more striking individual on his freshmen album, "Where They At?", released 2006, under Rah Muzic, Rex Records, Koch Records. Tyquan says, "That album was made for old fans that remember me, to show to them I am back". When you ask Tyquan, "What he wants people to hear when they listen to "Where They At?", the multi-talented artist answers, "My versatility. I want them to hear all of the musical influences from Hip-Hop to R&B, Latin, Jazz and Soulful music. I want them to hear the talent, and understand me as a real artist."

Tyquan is an enticing individual with a charisma that captures your heart, right from the start. His persona is so vibrant and his musical ability is just as stunning. Having worked with artists such as E-40, Keak the Sneak,D-Shot,Levetti,Erk the Jerk,Coolie-O, and Producers R-Vell (Something for the People), Billy Moss (Return of the Mac), and Effrem (Do G's go to Heaven?) as well as many others.

Tyquan aka Youngwill is currently working on his album, "Love from a Beast", due to drop soon. When you ask Tyquan, "What do people, fans have to look forward to, on this album?" Tyquan replies, "The way we transform, like love and sex," Seldom, do you find an individual better rounded as a artist, performer, composer, and an executive. Watch and stay tuned as Tyquan shows the world real talent.

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