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Tony Swagger

rankin scrooTony Swagger born Clinton Johnson in Honolulu, Hawaii. A true born Jawaiian and the son of the "Urban Reggae Godfada" Rankin Scroo, Tony Swagger was raised by his father to be a songwriter, singer and rapper.

Tony Swagger as been performing with a live band in front of audiences since the age of 7 in packed venues. He and his brother J Jonah had their own group the "Essentials". Soon after their first EP, they were discovered and encouraged by Money B of Digital Underground one of their mentors. Money B impressed with Tony Swagger and his brothers' musical skills co-produced their project with their father producer Rankin Scroo. At this time they found that there was already an artist with the name Essential so Tony Swagger and his brother J Jonah changed their group name to "2Crucial".

Tony Swagger and his brother J Jonah at the time called themselves "Tone Peezy & Rocco". They both left Oakland, California to go to Atlanta, Georgia and better their education.

With the musical training Tony Swagger has he is now home in his father's studio with mad writing skills and is pursuing to take his musical career to the next level.

Tony Swagger continues to be a Crucial Youth Productions recording artist and is now recording his album "Money Go Gettah". Watch for his super hot cd with songs on fire you won't want to miss! Tony Swagger definitely delivers the goods and always lives up to his name!