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Alisha Strings

rankin scrooALISHA STRINGS born Alisha Calhoun started her life in Le Moore California where shortly thereafter she was adopted and raised in Oakland, Ca. At the age of three she heard her first violin while her mother was changing radio stations and demanded that she was going to play that instrument. One month later she was in private lessons for both violin and piano. Although the piano was fun, the violin was becoming her passion and her desire. Thru her school years she participated in all music activities including the high school marching band where she learned the flute and piccolo.

While attending Skyline High school, Alisha Strings was a first violinist in the San Francisco Youth Symphony, which was conducted by Lief Bjaland and then Alasdaire Neale. She was Concert Master of the Oakland Youth Orchestra that was conducted by Sam Chrystler and traveled with the group to compete in the Vienna Music Competition in Vienna Austria. Globally, thru her orchestral experience she has traveled to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Through her travels she gained a greater appreciation for music and learned that music is truly the ONLY universal language that exists.

While attending the University of California at Berkeley, Alisha Strings engaged in numerous ethnic music activities of which her favorite was African Drumming taught by C.K. Ladzekpo. In her senior years she became a teaching assistant while simultaneously perfecting her drumming skills. This class series gave her a true understanding of how her cultural ancestry gave foundation to the beat that connects all music. Equally, she was challenged by a friend to audition for the Gospel Choir

ALISHA STRINGS now hosts her own Karaoke show. In her song writing endeavors and vocal expressions as an artist/violinist she met with The Urban Reggae Godfada, Rankin Scroo and is now involved with Crucial Youth Productions. For over 15 years she has been an artist, musician and administrator/event co-ordinator. Her upcoming album Judgement sends a message of spirituality, love, triumph and blessings. She hopes to reach the hearts of anyone needing encouragement, reassurance and comfort.