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rankin scroo

Ginger born Lydia Sur yields from the Hawaiian Islands. She has always loved music and attended Kawaihao church as a youth singing in the children’s choir. Ginger played the acoustic guitar playing and singing Hawaiian music. She was voted most talented student in her high school winning an award for the title. The beat and message of reggae music touched her heart and caused her to journey to Jamaica in the late 70’s. Rankin Scroo auditioned background singers and a mutual friend sent Ginger for a try out. For Rankin’s Jawaiian reggae band “Crucial Youth” Ginger was perfect. The two began to write and perform together. Their unique blend of musical backgrounds and vocals created the highly acclaimed reggae duo, "Rankin' Scroo & Ginger" and pioneered the sound now recognized worldwide as Jawaiian music. Ginger drew the album cover for Rankin Scroo’s first recorded album “Thanks & Praises”. For the past twenty years, their releases and live performances have astounded crowds worldwide, from Jamaica to Europe and all over North America.

Ginger and Rankin Scroo have won numerous awards and honors for their works and are highly regarded as veteran performers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their songs enjoy regular rotation in Jamaica and Hawaii to this day. Ginger with Rankin Scroo who is highly sought after as a musical composer and creative arranger have enhanced the words and melodies of many major label artists such as Black Uhuru, Foundation, Frankie Paul, 2-Crucial, Money- B, Com-Pleks and more…

Ginger's musical versatility playing keyboards and singing in the Crucial Youth Band have given her the opportunity to play on many tours for an array of artists such as Rankin Scroo, Pablo Moses, Foundation, Donovan, Bully Cat, Frankie Paul, Barrington Levy, Eek-A-Mouse, Shiloh, Lady Saw, Born Jamericans, Chaka

Demus & Pliers, Nicodemus, Mr Majetic, Mancho (to mention a few). Ginger’s experience as a keyboardist and vocalist weaves many different styles that transcend beyond the reggae gengre.

Ginger continues to work with Rankin Scroo her producer/partner for twenty plus years creating and performing “Urban Reggae”. Rankin's diverse musical influences serve as the cutting edge style that masterfully blends Reggae Roots & Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and R&B into a sound that has mass crossover appeal. “Godfada” and “Solid” are Rankin Scroo’s latest releases. These albums serve not only as an introduction to Urban Reggae but also to Rankin' Scroo as a solo artist.

Ginger supported Rankin Scroo’s solo career and during many recording sessions even lending her vocals when needed. Album Godfada feature hit tracks "Strong", “ Love No Other”, and “Girl Talk” which have all penetrated the charts. Rising up from the streets tracks "Ridin West" and "Wyleside" appeal to the established Hip-Hop/R&B and Hip-Hop/Dancehall markets respectively. Songs like "California Gangsta" and "Lyrical Tongue" give Rankin's dancehall audience a view of this album as an instant hit. On the soulful "Pride”, Rankin delivers the knowledge and spiritually uplifting message that has made him a household name in the reggae community. From the first note to the last echo, this album flows lyrically and musically. Rankin calls this Urban Reggae. Many Jamaican artists and producers are now using the same writing style 20 years later like Steven Marley (son of the late great Bob Marley) and Steven McGreggor (son of Freddie McGreggor). Ginger sings background vocals/keyboards on Rankin’s latest “SOLID” album. Solid is a showcase of Rankin Scroo’s authentic Jamaican sound and style. A must have work for all music lovers.

Watch for Ginger’s album “Tropic Vibes” coming soon featuring her hit single “No Ka Best”.